Vincent Desiderio

By Victoria A. Quiroz 

Tori Indeed introduces viewers to Vincent Desiderio, Painter from Pennsylvania. His studies consisted of Art, Art History, Philosophy and Literature. He graduated from Haverford College in 1977, attended the Accademia di belle arti in Florence, Italy followed by four years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He actively is a Senior Critic at New York Academy of Art.

Paintings can look like one thing, but they often mean something else,” said Desiderio. 

Tori Indeed and Desiderio discuss the subtext happening within a painting. He explained that it can be something lurking in the background representing an ironic event or emotion. It’s the way some Painters create.

It’s true, being a Painter is far better than being a critic. Desiderio expressed that as a painter you experience things. Some that others don’t, and that criticism exists outside of that process. Tori Indeed and Desiderio further discussed that critics observe and proclaim whether the art is good or bad. Although he is happy to express his opinion, Desiderio stated, “You have to nurture everyone… have faith in them like they have faith in themselves. You have to try to encourage them to do the best that they possibly can do and that’s their job”. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words. As per Desiderio, the point of painting a picture is making it worth 1000 words. That speak for itself without the attachment of those words. “Nothing takes place of a painting,” Desiderio. He shared his appreciation for painting, film and music. He described them as the greatest forms of art.

He is writing a book based on his painting titled “Dead White”. It focuses on his vision of a putative history. The beginning and ending of something like an apocalypse and a godless judgment. He continuously studied for a year to reach the terms of how he was going to paint it. With much preparation he finished the painting in seven days. 

Desiderio takes risks and steps outside of his comfort zone. He believes there’s a lot to learn and challenges himself by taking things he is most use to out of the process of painting. There are many ways to manipulate materials. “Attaching material manipulation to your thought is a muscle exercise,” said Desiderio. That’s his way of thinking outside of the box. 

Ideas are formed in his head where limitations are restricted. He prefers an endless expression of where it can possibly go, mean, and relate to the entire history of art. Historic artist weren’t necessarily painting what they saw but instead they painted what they envisioned. 

My children…I paint my wife…that’s beautiful to me,” Desiderio, he continued to say that they give him hope and motivation. 

Roofing tar is one of his favorite materials to use aside from oil paint. A few of his favorite artists are Cecily Brown, Antonio Lopez and his hero Michelangelo. If he could have a group conversation with historic artist, it would include Picasso and Velazquez. You can find Vincent Desiderio’s artwork throughout galleries and museums.

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