Teresa Oaxaca

By Victoria A. Quiroz 

“Welcome to Vibe2Vibe – UNTV! First and foremost, congratulations on being recognized throughout the US and Internationally! Between those galleries and museums are achievements and milestones.”

Tori Indeed gave a grand introduction to welcome Teresa Oaxaca, fulltime Painter. She’s recognized and rewarded by museums and institutions including the American Museum of the Cowboy, The former Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Art Renewal Center, The Elisabeth Greenshields Foundation, the Posey Foundation, The Portrait Society of America and the Museu Europeu D’Art Modern in Barcelona.

Oaxaca enjoyed sculpting and painting things as an adolescent. She had a few lessons during her early childhood and at the age of 17 she went to school in Florence, Italy.

“When I wasn’t sleeping, I was just doing art all the time”, said Oaxaca in response to her experience studying aboard.

Teresa Oaxaca obtained a four-year diploma from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. She attended the Florence Academy for her graduate studies and earned an apprenticeship in Norway. Then studied at The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Oaxaca favors old school techniques and traditional materials for her oil paintings. Pigments in many different colors can be seen within her finished work. Her paintings express a state of being or a state of mind. Whereas the feeling of being somewhere or doing something can be felt. Some artists have signature moves but Oaxaca has been known to have a series of images reappear. She enjoys designing a lot of different colors and shapes. The element of abstraction compliments her preferred medium of realism. A few of her favorite details are people, flowers and animals. She started getting into landscapes and exploring surrealism.

Oaxaca discussed the idea of making a still painting is to last hundreds of years. It doesn’t have any special effects, so it has to be profound and timeless.

“In 2010, I hung up the students hat and became more professional”, said Oaxaca.

Oaxaca instructed classes near the places she’s exhibited in throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and Western Europe. Today she offers several different workshops from drawing a live portrait as well as drawing in ink, charcoal and using oil paint. 

Oaxaca appreciates that artists are now viewed very similar to someone who host live events. Where they’re suppose to be in public engaging with people and making personal connections. Aside from being a fulltime painter Oaxaca enjoys visiting antique stores and collecting things.