It’s a Vibe with The Real Homie

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

The room was very well lit with a welcoming vibe that would set the tone of the entire evening. From the pillows to the soft cushioned couches, and the mustard hard chairs that fell right in sync with Vibe2Vibes’ color scheme. Everything seemed to mesh perfectly in preparation for a night of laughter and love with special guest, The Real Homie

“I like this and I like the way we’re coming,” said TheRealHomie. “I’m meeting a lot of people. When I see that type of lifestyle, I know I’m funny enough to be like that. I know it’s going to be a good journey for me.” 

The conversation immediately took off with jokes as Tori Indeed embraced the Comedian and TikTok sensation. He confidently grabbed the mic and hopped right onto the track of his background where he discussed childhood memories, family, life and schooling. As well as a deeper insight in regards to his purpose. Then he eagerly switched gears and voiced his thoughts on comedy, goals and giving back to the community. He heavily stressed his joy in helping others. Whether it be small acts of kindness, jokes or smiles.  

“I was the class clown all three years,” said The Real Homie. “You know what it’s like when everybody goes into class and the teacher stops you? I was getting that kind of treatment.” 

He and Indeed laughed as they related to indulging in some of their teacher’s gray hairs. He expanded on their need for uninterrupted lessons. Naturally he couldn’t help it. Neither could his classmates as they laughed hysterically on a daily basis. He enjoyed it. He thrived from their reactions, and quickly discovered what would be his greatest passion. From there it was really time to study. 

“I grew up on Jim Carey,” said The Real Homie. “I grew up on Jamie Foxx. People want to study to become Doctors and stuff like that.” 

Although he appreciates his education and the efforts of his instructors, he emphasized the impact and urgency of laughter. He reflected back in time to days and nights spent playing four squares and manhunt. He even looked back on tougher moments that made him the humble man he is today. These thoughts and occurrences encouraged his drive.  

“I knew that I wanted to make people laugh,” said The Real Homie. “I don’t come from a golden spoon. I knew that I got to make it out.”

The Real Homie stated that with power tools such as social media outlets and other advancements of technology, that there are endless possibilities for the field of comedy. He’s learned to take full advantage referring to the age where these implements were nonexistent. The events were raw and genuine, but unable to be saved and reviewed in the way that they are today. Currently he mixes a bit of both styles by sharing authentic, and unedited hilarious clips of everyday life experiences.

“Picture where we’d be now,” said The Real Homie. “If you would have given me a YouTube or even an iPhone back when we were just chilling, we would’ve went crazy viral.” 

He explained that what he’s doing right now is exactly what he did then. The difference is the increase in his audience, and the doors that are opening primarily due to his personality and his heart. 

“What separates me is that I don’t do it for money,” said The Real Homie. “I do it for beneficial reasons for you. Like what are you going through? Let me get you of that cloud.” 

Did you know that The Real Homie has a following of 179 thousand on TikTok? To learn more about his effort to spread love and the recap interview, check out Vibe2Vibe…where the Vibe is always Real.  

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