It’s a Vibe with Tata Mami

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Tata Mami virtually stopped by Vibe2Vibe to converse with Tori Indeed about music, women empowerment, business and her goals for the industry. 

“I’ve been doing music for as long as I can remember,” said Tata Mami. “I was probably seven or eight. I was writing my own songs and verses for my little sisters and cousins. Then I’d make them perform with me in front of the rest of our family.”  

Tata Mami spoke about her first time being in the studio at about 17 years old. She was still in High school. It’s been her passion ever since. Today she pays homage to her siblings for a lot of her work. Quite often they are her inspiration. 

“I’m always super motivated by them,” said Tata Mami. “I have two brothers and five sisters. I come from a family that’s predominantly women. It’s all about women empowerment.” 

Tata Mami mentioned that you can hear her appreciation for women in multiple pieces of her work. She did one song about self-love and shared another during a protest last year. After the release of the single, she said that fans reached out on different platforms thanking her for using her voice. 

“If I need to pay for somebody the first thing I’m looking for is a woman,” said Tata Mami. “Honestly I feel like they do the best business with me. When you have a woman doing business with another woman, it’s down to business.” 

Tata Mami expressed that she’s focused on being respected, and taken seriously in all aspects of her career. She compared her music from when she started as to where she is now. She believes that she has found her method, there’s a story, and her audience can visualize being there. 

“I definitely evolved a lot,” said Tata Mami. “I feel like I sing more now. In comparison to when I was younger I rapped a lot. I found my perfect sound.” 

A unique sound that she’s inspired by belongs to the one and only Missy Elliot. She said that she’d love to collaborate with her. She’s always been in awe of her style and creativity. 

“That’s the reason why I’m the creative director,” said Tata Mami. “I don’t want just a normal video. I want my videos to be different.”

She’s more than an artist, she’s a brand. She’s working on becoming a major household staple. Beyond music she hopes to encourage people to do what they love. Her resulting goal to educate as many individuals as she can.

“The only people that don’t win are the people that give up,” said Tata Mami. “I just love to see everybody win.” 

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