It’s A Vibe with Liv Lovelle

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Laughter echoed from London to New Jersey as Tori Indeed and Liv Lovelle discussed music, writing, idols, accomplishments, and much more. 

Listening to your music I feel your passion,” said Indeed. “I hear the soulfulness, the R&B, and Pop. I definitely want to dive right into everything.”  

Lovelle thanked Indeed and agreed that her rich sound is inspired by those of Motown, classic soul, and of course rhythm and blues. She noted of the three, R&B as her favorite. She explained that from a young age she began writing and singing as well. She recalled times where she invited her mother into her room for hours just to listen to her. 

I love all different types of music,” said Lovelle. “Different genres can take you through so many different emotions, times and moments in your life. But if I think of one genre which has been pretty prominent through each stage of my life, it’s R&B.” 

Lovelle and Indeed continued to share similar hand gestures and compliments as they dug further into her childhood, current musical inspirations, and her overall writing process. Lovelle said before pursuing what she loves more, as a young girl she was very sporty. She enjoyed participating in football games. In regards to collaborations, if given the opportunity, she’d love to collaborate with PartyNextDoor, and as far as the writing process, she can create just about anywhere. 

Growing up I always loved music,” said Lovelle. “I was also very sporty. I loved competing. I was super athletic.”  

Lovelle said that around age 14 she put away her football, and decided to seriously focus on music as a career. Since then she’s written in various styles from poetry, stories, and song lyrics. Her words and her voice have been exposed to more than a million listeners.   

Sometimes I think I’m only at the beginning of my career,” said Lovelle. “I still have so much more to give, and so much more to share. It means so much to know you’ve written a song and over a million times it’s been played.” 

To add onto her resume, she was also in a Pop band opposite of the music she sings today. She said it was a fun experience especially when given the chance to tour with Justin Bieber. 

That was really cool,” said Lovelle. “We performed in front of like 24,000 people.” 

The conversation continued to flow between the ladies. They both playfully agreed that it felt much more like a friendship and that they should get together for lunch or even football. Then Indeed asked Lovelle about a topic for a timed verse, and how exactly she finds motivation to move through hard times.  

It’s an amazing experience but it can be heartbreaking sometimes,” said Lovelle“It’s so personal to share something and you may have a label that says that’s not for us. It’s yours, that’s a struggle to take in and deal with.” 

Lovelle stated that in those times of difficult lows, it’s either seen as something that is greatly wanted, or the realization that it’s actually not wanted enough. She confidently acknowledged the struggle, but explained that so far everything she has endured has only contributed to her as an artist. She pushed through the lows because she’s certain that she wants it. 

To be able to put an emotion into a melody I think is a beautiful thing,” said Lovelle. “I Love writing. Writing is one of my favorite parts of it.” 

Lovelle shared some of her favorite writing locations like the studio, her car, and during her walk. She mentioned the need for flexibility. She said that an idea can come at any time. She’s always ready to jot it down. She credited an early mentor for her strong work ethic. In the beginning he’d send her various recordings to create her lyrics to. However she also told viewers that there is a strong need for balance. Although she writes so much, she believes it’s just as important to take a break. 

“Writer’s block can happen within a session,” said Lovelle“Sometimes you get stumped and need to take a timeout.” 

Lovelle equated writing to any other daily activity and expressed that too much of anything isn’t always so good. She voiced that sometimes it’s simply inevitable. 

Before Indeed concluded with Lovelle, she asked her to give advice to someone looking to work within the industry. She also told her that the floor was hers if she’d like to hum a tune for the listeners. Lovelle was eager to indulge in both. It was a song she’d just written titled Candy Rain. Her soft soulful voice and golden spirit gently moved and grooved from London to New Jersey. 

“I would say prepare yourself for a roller coaster,” said Lovelle. “Emotions of highs and lows. The reward of knowing you’re sharing something you love with people, it outweighs any low you may go through within it. Life is too short. You just have to go and see where you end up.” 

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