It’s A Vibe with Jovon Brooks, Sketch Comedy

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Tori Indeed and Jovon Brooks from Sketchbook Comedy discussed writing, illustrating and lots of laughter. 

Brooks told Indeed that art sparked his interest in second grade. At the time he had a Pokémon coloring book. It was his first form of art. From there he continued on by tracing pictures, and growing a love for comic books.

“I realized if you put printer paper on top it’s translucent,” said Brooks. “You can draw exactly what you’re seeing. That’s what I did for a while.” 

That worked briefly until one teacher decided to take a closer look. From there he knew that he had to change his approach. He wanted to make incredible creations of his own from scratch. 

“I’ve always loved comics,” said Brooks. “I really started to realize it was something I wanted to do when I showed my grandfather my regular art.”

His Grandfather genuinely believed in his creativity. He wanted to know more about the story and the process behind the designs. That’s where his drawings and words joined as one. He recalled a day in which he and a friend sat in a car while conversing about different scenarios. One of the topics was so good that it had to be a skit. 

“The process is comprised of my ideas and scenarios that I or other people have experienced,” said Brooks. “I take those moments and I amplify them. I draw them, ink them, and do the writing and the illustrating.”

Brooks is a one stop shop. However it’s still easier said than done. As he broke down each of the tasks, he also gave insight into his most difficult areas. He explained how ironic is that although he’s an author, spelling wasn’t his expertise. It’s a barrier he’s learned to break through by releasing the thoughts and concerns of others. 

“Although I’m an author I’m really bad at spelling,” said Brooks. “I really didn’t like spelling. I got more negative critiques when it came to writing.” 

Aside from visuals and text, his website also offers a wide range of music. There’s a playlist specifically designed for artists to submit their songs to. 

“The goal is to give the readers something to listen to while they’re reading,” said Brooks. “Almost like a mini trailer. Each trailer is about three pages.” 

Brooks told Indeed that as of now there are 30 comics and 63 songs available. He said that he only plans to get better, that he relies on statistics, and as long as readers are tuned in, he will keep delivering as many comics as possible.

“My main goal is to make comic books,” said Brooks. “The goal is to make a full length comic book series. Or even a larger goal, a comic book company.

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