It’s a Vibe with EcommbullDog

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Ecommbulldog and Tori Indeed focused on investments, entrepreneurship, YouTube, inventions and the importance of a strong work ethic.

“The ultimate Latino dream is to go to a nice prestige college,” said EcommbullDog. “Get a nice job and invest in the stock market. But ultimately I’ve always had that entrepreneur in me.”

EcommbullDog once walked vigorously along the dreamer’s path. He was enrolled in college and working as well. He learned from his mother. He said that she was a hard worker. She led by example by showcasing consistency, drive and her best effort in her work place. He said she was so dedicated to her role that she almost gave birth to his brother in her office. She showed him the way at a very young age by encouraging him to be diligent and devoted.  

“While going to school I was investing a lot of time,” said EcommbullDog. “A lot of these Youtubers made it look so easy.” 

EcommbullDogg was inspired by various influencers. He couldn’t believe how simple it was to upload an item and sell it. He thought back to the beginning of his journey. He explained the process of his first product and the way it stood out. Then he voiced the importance of his mentor, how he further educated himself, and the way he regrouped. From their success was his because his product was original, relevant and in high demand. 

“It was great,” said EcommbullDog. “My first week after that I hit 400. Then it went to 1000. Then it just moved up. Ultimately it made 120,000.” 

His numbers were fairly impressive. He wanted to take things further. Not only for himself, but for the sake of others as well. He created his own course. It goes over the ins and outs of his experience. He also started his own shopify, and changed direction in regards to his marketing techniques. 

“I thought I could make a certain amount while spending less,” said EcommbullDogg. “The problem I was having was with drop shipping. All the mistakes I made, I’m transparent. There are five principles. If you follow those five steps, you’re going to succeed.” 

EcommbullDog stated that most individuals go wrong when considering their surroundings and the company they choose to keep. He emphasized that the idea is to form bonds with people that can teach lessons. Those that can guide and force elevation.

“Your network equals your net worth,” said EcommbullDog. “If I’m the best one in my group, they make me feel good. But I don’t want to be the smartest. I think I’m in competition with myself. I just want to be better than yesterday.”

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