It’s a Vibe With Dwayne Taylor

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Vibe2Vibe was joined by special guest Dwayne Taylor. During his time spent with host Tori Indeed, he spoke about his new career path as an Author, being a firefighter and fatherhood.

“In this book I’m basically just talking to him,” said Taylor. “Hopefully he’ll be one of the readers one day.” 

Hello William… (It’s Me Dad), is a story that he created as a way to express himself to his son. He said that the text focuses on multiple topics such as poverty, injustice, homelessness and manipulation. While it also expresses the need for kindness, love and respect. 

“This is the world that we live in,” said Taylor. “These are the things that as a young black man, he can face. The umbrella symbolizes protection. I’m the father and I’m talking to him. The words are to encourage him.”  

Taylor said that he has actually experienced some of the wrongdoings within the novel. He understands and wants to educate his son. His goal is to promote change, and move in a positive direction.

“These things happen,” said Taylor. “It’s very common. Unfortunately emotion has no logic. Whatever that person is going through emotionally, that’s what’s going to come out.”

Taylor wants his son to understand where he comes from. In the story he introduced readers to his family. He gave insight into his history which includes his amazing grandfather. He was the first black firefighter in Jersey City, and president of the NAACP. 

“I really focused on the positive things that they’ve all done,” said Taylor. “I also went into a little bit of their medical history. He needs to know these things.” 

Taylor mentioned his hobbies and habits. He said there are things that he may do naturally. He wants him to understand their similarities. He incorporated his feelings too. Some weren’t able to make the final draft. He tried to summarize as much as possible. 

“I explained it the best I could,” Said Taylor. “Hopefully he’ll get the book. He’ll see my truth. He’ll see my side.” 

Taylor continued to dive into deep conversation about his experience as a dad. He noted that it’s his job to teach his son based off his own experiences. He said that it takes persistence, consistency and a village to thoroughly raise a child. 

“Being a good father is a part of who I am,” said Taylor. “I have to be a good father. That is the most important job to me in this world.” 

He noted that it’s important that his actions match his words. He couldn’t imagine being without his children. He encouraged the need to be level headed, patient and very open minded while forming decisions in regards to parenting.

“I try to leave things better than the way I found them,” said Taylor. “You have to understand that your kid needs you. It doesn’t take a lot of money. You just have to be there.” 

Did you know that Taylor just celebrated his 18-year anniversary as a firefighter? He also loves sports. For more cool facts and the entire recap, stop by Vibe2Vibe…where the Vibe is Always Real.

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